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03 November, 16

Welcome to the Tactics Reblocking blog. We’re so glad that you’ve stopped by. Here you will find tips and tricks for reblocking your home, why the heck we do what we do and interesting trends and stories we’re hearing of, throughout the industry.

Tactics Reblocking is passionate about what we do, and you’ll see that in everything that we do. You’ll see that when we communicate early and often, at whatever cadence and in whatever medium you as a valued customer prefer. You’ll see that in the materials that we choose and the processes that we use, both with the aim and assumption of minimizing our carbon footprint and maximizing the effect that we can have on the value of your home. You’ll see that in our actual work—that we’ll show up early and work as hard as we possibly can. We’re eternally grateful that you’ve chosen us as your prospective reblocking company, and we’ll work valiantly to show you our gratitude. Finally, you’ll see our passion in the lasting relationships that we build with our valued customers. To us, you’re not just a customer. You’re a friend, and a lasting one. Though our work will be durable enough to last for generations to come, the relationship is one where you can reach out to us with any questions, day or night.

So what can you expect from a relationship with Tactics Reblocking? And why should you choose us? After all, there are a variety of competent and talented reblocking companies in the area. We’re fortunate enough to have relationships with these different companies. We see healthy competition as a good thing in the industry. Who benefits? You. When we have healthy competition, we learn from each other. We evolve our practices and expand our skillsets. We can search for sustainable materials and cut down on time that we spend at your home or business, by finessing our processes. But we stand out in a crowd because of our aforementioned passion, and our decades of experience. Some of this experience comes from hands on learning. There is no substitute for getting down and dirty in the foundation of a home, and learning from your mistakes. Other elements of our learning come from full immersion in the goings-on in the industry. Yes, we’ll learn from our competitors. Yes, we’ll attend industry events and listen to speakers who are knowledgeable about reblocking. And yes, we’ll do a little light reading from time to time. We’ll admit it- when it comes to reblocking, some may call us experts, others may call us nerds.

You won’t just find information about reblocking on this site. Reblocking is one element of making your home or business the best structure it can be. Check back in for fun facts and stories about the home renovation industry at large. We hope that you leave feeling more knowledgeable and maybe even a little bit inspired about your next project at home.

Thanks again for stopping by. We look forward to connecting with you.