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What are the Services that Tactics Offers?

17 November, 16

Tactics Reblocking is dedicated to ensuring that the foundation of your home or business is as sound as possible. That is, and will always be our mission. While it’s not an issue that you want to put a lot of mind power around, sinking foundations are a real concern. We’ll discuss the benefits of reblocking and underpinning in future posts in more detail, but at a high level- you’re enhancing the value of your property and ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones. These are no small feat, and we take them very seriously. Today, let’s discuss the main services that we offer as a team, and what exactly they entail.

Reblocking- reblocking is often referred to as restumping and is the art of placing or replacing the stumps under your foundation. Over time, these stumps will endure regular wear and tear, and sometimes even begin to crack. When this happens, you know it’s time to reach out to a contractor and have them replaced. The foundation that has worn down is also dug out and removed. Jacks are utilized to support the floor in the interim. Then new stumps are put in place.

Underpinning- The art of underpinning is very specific to Melbourne and the surrounding areas. It’s used on the foundations of homes that have been built using concrete slabs and brick veneers. The same wear and tear related to the aforementioned stumps in restumping, also occurs to the foundations of these homes. When it does, the concrete slabs may crack or may even sink into the ground. This causes the brick veneers to lose their alignment, and the structural stability of the entire structure is put at risk. While restumping takes advantage of stumps to solve this issue, underpinning uses a new coat of concrete which is poured around jacks being used to prop up the structure. The end result is that the foundation is much stronger and you can rest more easily.

The biggest difference between the two? Restumping replaces the stumps, underpinning reinforces the existing concrete slabs with new material, but doesn’t remove the concrete slabs. The bottom denominator? The structure of your home or business will feel much safer, you can relax knowing that it’s properly reinforced.

So what makes the most sense for you? Going back and forth between Camp Restumping and Camp Underpinning? Not to worry, we’ll help you figure it out. Our educated team of professionals has worked with every different type of structure and have the photos to share. You may be very familiar with the composition of your home, and so can make an educated guess. If not, we incorporate a comprehensive introductory conversation into our process, so that we can get to know your home or business, but also so that we can get to know you. In doing so, we’re much better equipped to offer a range of solutions based on your needs, your budget and your timeline.