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What You Can Expect from Tactics

17 November, 16

As the title of this blog post suggests, we want you to have high expectations for us as a company. We’re already so grateful that you’ve chosen us from the talented pool of contractors in the area. We’re well aware that you had other options to choose from, and we appreciate that you’ve decided to give us a try.

At base level, you can expect expert level reblocking jobs. We’ve got the decades of experience to back up our work, and we’re not afraid to put in the hours to prove it. We’re happy to show you a myriad of work site examples so that you can really envision not only the end product, but what your home or business will look like in the interim. We love to empower our customers and make them a part of the process. We’re more than happy to explain any part of it to you and answer any questions you may have.

We also believe that you can never stop learning. There is no finish line or check off next to perfection for us. That’s why year over year, the team takes the time to really research what the trends are in the market. Are there specific areas that we should be targeting? Should we really be using the materials and processes that we’ve been using? We want to question ourselves at every turn, and we think that you have the right to question us too. That leads us to our next expectation- you can expect full transparency and frequent conversation with us. As noted in the previous post, we will communicate with you as often as you’d like or as little as you’d like. We will call you on the telephone or we will email you. We will visit in person if you’d like. We attribute a lot of our success to the relationships that we’ve built with our customers. We hope to keep you around for life and will go the extra mile to ensure it so.

Thirdly, you can expect competitive costs. We take this very seriously and don’t think that any reblocking job is going to be a one-size-fits-all scenario. Rather, we want to hear what makes your home or business unique, what kind of timelines you’d like to stay inside, and what you’d like to pay. We can then converse about a range of solutions which may or may not work for you. When we can give you options, we’ve done our job right. When we can give you options, it offers you more leadership in the process and hopefully sets your mind slightly more at ease about the whole process. After all, we’re talking about the foundation of your home or business, you’ve already invested money in this space, we want to save you costs wherever we can.

The Tactics team is excited to get to know you. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have.